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luni, 7 octombrie 2013


We present you our newest products: a travel guide of Romania in English and another one in romanian for the romanians.

You can order it on our agency , online , at:
The price for the english travel guide is 10 euro / piece + postal taxes.

Pretul pentru "Ghid prin Romania" este de 35 ron / buc + taxe postale si se poate comanda in scris la

Ghidul romanesc descrie in detaliu 74 de obiective turistice din Romania, astfel incat intrand sa le vizitati cu acest ghid in mana, va fi ca si cum ati avea langa dumneavoastra un ghid care sa va explice in detaliu totul. Asa ar si trebui sa va simtiti pentru ca autorul acestor carti este ghid de turism.




Those recipes are take it from the book Romanian Cookery printed on the House of Guides in 2010

duminică, 6 octombrie 2013


The romanian hystorical movie subtilted in english about the life of Vlad the Impaler Dracula


Another movie about the single christian prince which defeat an ottoman army leaded on the battlefield by the sultan himself in May 17-th 1395 near Curtea de Arges

The movie is really great and subtitled in english


This is one of the most famous romanian historical movies, studied in USA on the Film Academy. it`s about the first political union of the romanians into a single powerfull state during the reign of Mihai Viteazul.
Watch it and you`ll not regret

Enjoy it !

PATRIOTIC MUSIC - God bless romanians - Veta Biris - Song about Avram Iancu ( hero of the romanians from Transylvania in 1848 ) - Pass romanian soldiers Carpathians ! ( song from the Great War 1916 ) - for Michael the Brave ( 1593 -1601 )

FOLKLORIC DANCES AND MUSIC FROM ROMANIA  - calusarii - Nicolae Furdui Iancu ( Transylvania ) - Sofia Vicoveanca ( Moldova ) - Ileana Sararoiu ( Wallaquia ) unfortunatelly died to soon - Benone Sinulescu & Irina Loghin

OPERA AND CLASSICAL MUSIC - Valentina Margaras soprano of Opera House from Brasov in Traviata - Adrian Marcan - baritone Opera Brasov - Romanian Rhapsody by George Enescu - Balade by Ciprian Porumbescu



I will post here some links from you tube, with different styles of romanian music,

THE `80-S 


For all the foreigners which want to know something about the romanian culture I will post here some of the most beautifull poetries of our best poets, pubvlished into an anthology of modern romanian verse called TESTAMENT  by Daniel Ionitapublished on Minerva publishing house in 2012.
so let`s begin.

WINTER - by Vasile Alecsandri - 1821-1890
From the sky the dreadful winter sifts and empties clouds of snow
Of those cold and wand`ring snow drifts having gathered long ago
Snowflakes fly,they float and quiver like white butterflies, so light
Spreading icy flutters, briskly, turn the country`s shoulders white

Days are snowing, nights are snowing, snow on mornings does prevail !
All the countryside is wearing beautiful this silver mail.
And the sun. all round and pale, shows but glimpses trough the sky,
Like some dream of youth. now flashing trough the years which pass us by.

All is white...the fields, the hillsides, all surroundings, far away
Like white daydreams are the poplars, lining up into the gray
And beholding all this wasteland, not a trail, not a stroke,
Just the villages,now hidden under whitish foam of smoke.

But at once the snowing ceases, clouds depart, the sunny glow
Glitters now,caressing gently the white ocean made of snow.
Look outside,for trough the valleys a light sligh is gliding fair
And the joyful sky is ringing,play-bells chiming trough the air.

NEVER HAS THE AUTUMN -by Tudor Arghezi (1880 - 1967)
Never has the autumn seemed so fair and glowing
To our souls which,yearning towards death, will fade.
Silken rug the fileds is - pale,clear and flowing;
For the clouds,the trees are weaving their brocade

Houses,like old pitchers,strung together,quiver
Fragrant wine spread cover thick inside their clay,
Lain in this blue heaven of the sun burned river,
From whose dirty mire gold we adrank all day

Black birds in the sunset rise like sickly leaves
of the hornbeam ancient,whiter in its hue.
Losing all its plumage, shaking as it gives
A farewell to the blue

he who wants to weep, and he who wants to blame,'
Come and hear their urging, strange and lonely gong.
And with eyes now glued on poplars` holy flame -
Bury their own shadow , in their shadow song

THE WASTE IS PROVE THE MONTH OF MAY - by Lucian Blaga ( 1895 - 1961 )
This simple, undisguised occurrence,
Too late, some day, we might remember,
The garden bench on which we rested,
Our temples touching crimson ember.

Hazelnut trees are raining cinders,
wild poplars join in wild array,
Fruitful to be craves each new down,
To waste is prone the month of may.

Sweet pollen falls on us again,
Like yellow snowdrifts, gentle cover,
As is some fine and golden threads,
Shoulders and eyelashes discover.

For our months will taste is speaking,
While in our eyes the word goes missing;
We can`t predict regretful evenings,
As we lay sleepless, remininscing.

This simple, undisguised occurrence,
Too late, some day, we might remember,
The garden bench on which we rested,
Our temples touching crimson ember.

Through dreams and longings now we linger -
This gold dust hides a bitter twist -
Lush forrest lately existing
Forever failing to exist.

duminică, 5 mai 2013


Romania, a name which in many minds is synonymous with many bad things. This, because nobody told you the good things about Romania. Nobody told you for exemple, that Romania is a country inhabitated by 600.000 years, and the ancestors of the romanians, had a blossom and high civilization the same at least, as the greeks and romans, and some ancient gods, for exemple Orfeus was tooked by the greeks from here, the same with Herodot which borrowed from the dacian doctors-priests the otah which today is named after him. Just a few people known that the jet engine, the fountain pen or the insulin was romanian inventions, or that the old writing from the world was discovered on the valley of the river Mures from Romania from where the Summerian civilizations just barrow it.

These are things which can be learn from the magazines or internet, but nobody and nothing  will offer you the sensation that you will live coming in these country blessed by God. Here you will find all the relief forms existing in nature: plain, hill, plateau, mountains and sea. All the tourists which are coming in Romania, and visit this country, are surprised by the diversity of the relief and its alternancy because here the hills are plaiting harmonious and naturally with the plain and the mountains. Here, the fall on the valleys of the Carpathians Mountains, the colours of the forrest made a  charming immage that never will erase from your mind. Do not forget  the faboulous Danube Delta, natural reserve of biosfera and a paradise of birds and fishes.
The hay stacks, nature allways green, herds of cattle and especial the flock of sheeps, which sometime cross over the roads,giving to the tourists the ocasion to see the ancient tradition of transhumance will enjoy your eyes and feelings help you to remember the period of your childhood or will make you to see alive the stories of your grandparents.
If you will climb on the pick of the mountains you will find there as in to the plains or in to the hills region, beautiful landscapes, glacial lakes cleans and clears as some eyes used by the planet to watch the sky. You will be impressed by the silence and the  fresh and unpolutted air, and in the winter season you will be able to skiing in to the ski resort which are spread in all Romania.
All this form the nature of the country but are not the only one things which can be seeing here. The tracks of the past are present  at every step that we make in this country. The fortifications situated on the picks of the hills as some vultures nests, the palaces of the nobiles, the summer residence of the romanian royal family from Peles, the fortified churches from Transylvania which are the romanian equivalent of the castles from Loira valley (France), the painted churches from Moldova(Bucovina), the faimous constructions and wooden churches from Maramures, the medieval towns-citadells Brasov, Sighisoara, Sibiu, Cluj-Napoca,  Alba Iulia, Hunedoara, are so many living proofs of the existence on these lands to a lineage which not just defended the european civilisation alone, but had time between to invasions of the empires from neighbourhood to create and let to its progenys and to humanity real treasures of architecture and art. As a proof of their value and apreciations many of this vestiges was included in to the UNESCO heritage. You will be glad to discover the romanian traditions very well preserved yet in some regions and the numerous legends of the place the most well known beiing the one of the Count Dracula.

And when you are tired to visit all the places that I`ve described to you above, you will be able to stop to clean and peaceful hotels or in  guest houses which preserved and unchanged the way of life of the Romanian peasant. You will be able to feast from our traditional dishes which are so tasty then I can`t find the right word to describe it and you will drink from our wine or plum brandy which will fill the taste of food. Which is very important ot know is that, in Romania over 80% from the traditional food is prepared using natural ingredients, obtained from bio traditional methods. Because of that the taste of our dishes  and liquers or wines is different by the one from the rest of Europe and you will find in it the flavour and the savour of the earth which was help to grow the vegetals, the fruits, the grass, the flowers or the cereals which feed the animals from whose meet, milk or honey you eat.

At the end of the day you will walk trough our cities or villages without the fear to be robbed or killed. Romania is a safe country and the criminality from our localities is below that the one from the biggest citys of the world.

In the night time you will have  a sweet  sleep, without worries as in your childhood, in the silence of the romanian nights, because the next day to go again on your way trough that wonderfull country, discovering its treasures and pray the Lord that your trip never ends.

This is the real Romania.


We are a travel agency from Romania, which is a tour operator specialized in Romania Tours and Vacations and in the neighbourhood countries like Bulkgaria, Serbia, Ukraine, Moldova and Hungary. Our belief is to offer the best that we can to our tourists and clients, and as guides our best skills.
We have a beautiful country, and will try to present it to you.
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