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sâmbătă, 23 ianuarie 2016


Prayer for parents

Mysterious and serene
finishing their purpose
beside us they lay and die,
our dear, dear parents.
God, call them back,
they've led an unhappy life,
and make them young as they were,
make them younger than we are.
For those who made us
give an order, do something
to delay them
so they can start over.
They paid with their life
for their children's errors
God, grant immortality
to the parents that die.
Look at them going
look at them fading away.
Candles in a cuckoo's nest
seem to be silent and seem to snow.
Full of disease and in pain
we return in the earth.
As long as we are, as long as they are
Honor your parents.
The earth is hanging heavier and heavier
departing is getting harder and harder.
I kiss your hand, my father
I kiss your hand, my mother
but why are you looking at me like that
my daughter and my son?
I'm the one to follow
My dearest, I'm going as well
I kiss your hand, my father
I kiss your hand, my mother
Good bye, my son
Good bye, my daughter
My father, my son
My mother, my daughter

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